What A World Of Books!

Well this is better late than never...This post is going to be a little shorter than the last! I am going to talk about what first started me on my reading journey, specifically what collection of books: Point Horror. From a certain age, I devoured these stories. I would get through one book in a few days and then move on to the next...The Girlfriend, Freeze Tag, Trick or Treat, I could go on.

I know exactly what I liked about the books. They are gripping, page-turning easy reads! As a kid, they were exciting and scary which I loved. I read April Fools again recently, half expecting not to enjoy it as much but I loved it, devoured it all over again. This may be sentimental, an engrained love for these books, but I was thrilled to be surprised.

I think everyone has a book or books that really made them love reading. Point Horror books are most definitely mine. These are the stories I celebrated on World Book Day! Next week I am going to jump on EBay and buy a few more to devour again......

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