Non-Fiction Noob!

What can I say? I’m going through a non-fiction phase. I’ve not been much inclined towards Non-Fiction as a genre in the past. I don’t entirely know why. For the last few months, with varying degrees of enjoyment, I have enveloped myself in personality analysis, motivational text and inspiration.

I thoroughly enjoyed assigning all of my family, friends and colleagues after reading ‘Surrounded by Idiots’. That sounds bad considering the title, but it was a fascinating exercise and insight into different personalities and how they handle the same scenarios in different ways.

Malcom Gladwell’s ‘The Tipping Point’ was an interesting, slightly dated, read. The tipping point refers to the moment a trend or idea reaches its peak. Case studies include crime and smoking. Personally, I didn’t feel I gained an awful lot from the book but some of the theories behind why the trends exist are fascinating.

‘Eat that Frog’. Nope, not a dubious dietary suggestion. Seriously, don’t eat the frog.... what did it ever do to you? The book, though, was not my cup of tea. It’s a book of stating the obvious and contradicting advice. Yes, making lists is a good idea and yes, it’s good to be reminded of this from time to time but I did not feel like the target audience.

This leaves us with ‘Creativity, Inc’. I absolutely loved this book. It was full of honesty, imagination and some deeply personal moments. The book charts Ed Catmull’s journey to co-founder of Pixar, his successes, his failures and his learnings. A strong investment in people and their ideas & creativity is a strong theme throughout. I recommend Catmull’s story to everyone!

So, there you have it! My very limited take on non-fiction...

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