Literature in the Bath

We made it! This nasty pandemic tried to stop us, but we actually made it to a real-life Literature Festival and it was great! What better way to dive back in than an audience with Supertato…I mean, Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet. Granted I’m not quite their target audience, but I know some children who are.

We were off to a good start, having to queue around the corner and up the street – curse you Covid! Fortunately, the whole queue was in good spirits and it moved pretty swiftly.

I’ve been to a few festival events over the years – Bath, Cheltenham – and there really is something about waiting in the auditorium, the prepped stage, an expectant crowd. I wasn’t there for me in this instance, but I still enjoyed that festival excitement.

It was fascinating to see the festival from a different perspective as well. It was a first for the two small children sat next to me and it was lush to watch their faces, waiting to see Supertato, guessing as to what would happen next.

Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet did not disappoint. Such an amazing pair! We had book readings, we had games, we had singing, we had possession (long story!) They certainly know how to run an entertaining and engaging show.

My particular favourite was the Q&A at the end, which was unexpected. They wanted to hear from the kids, with lovely and mixed results. This was the point that our parking ticket was about to run out and the husband had to hotfoot it to the car park! I blame Evil Pea…

As the show wrapped up and I began anticipating quite how little fun it would be to wait in the book signing queue with a tired 5-year-old and 7-year-old, I took a moment to marvel at the delight of being here again. At a literature festival. Surrounded by people who love books, who love stories. It was a fantastic feeling.

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